Delivering CloudOS the right way

Working for Synergics, a Managed ICT Services provider, our goal is to always deliver the ultimate customer value.

With that in mind, we saw that the cloud hype is over and that it is here to stay offering a adaptable and scalable on demand infrastructure. Our vision is clear, provide the very same user experience and beyond to our valued customers! Internal research learned us that Microsoft CloudOS is the solution to fulfill our vision.

But how will we deliver it?

Looking at our current blade and storage area network infrastructure we decided this is not the way forward. It is missing the required flexibility and simplicity. While investigating the possibilities we came across Nutanix and as soon as we learned that they support Hyper-V as hypervisor, the choice was easy!

Our CloudOS project saw the daylight!

While the order for the Nutanix Hyper-V appliances went out, we discussed Windows Azure Pack with Microsoft and how to get things implemented.

The appliances got delivered at our primary datacenter and in less than 2 hours our first Nutanix Hyper-V consolidated compute and storage core infrastructure was up and running .. tweet ..! Try that with another vendor 😉 A few very exciting days passed while we deployed Windows Azure Pack and System Center on top of it. And after fine tuning some Hyper-V best practices to fit the Nutanix infrastructure, we are proud to say: ” We are ready!


.. and as I am writing this, our hybrid cloud is here, we now extend our own on premise infrastructure directly into Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud Platform.

Join us, in this exiting time and move ahead migrating from a rather static infrastructure to a modern, robust, scalable and flexible cloud .. directly from Synergics’s private datacenters located in Belgium!

About Tom Van Gramberen
All #Infrastructure | #Hybrid | #DevOps | #Azure & #Nutanix lover | Husband, Dad of 2 | #PADI diver

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