Change is good

A long time ago this blog was started with the idea to focus on Server Based Computing. Today, three years later, it did not get any further then two posts 😦

Time for a change – change can be good! But what does that mean to you, as a reader/participant?

Moving forward this blog will no longer focus on a specific technology – Server Based Computing – but rather on all the IT things I am working with and feel like sharing with the world. So also expect to see posts on Active Directory, Automation Manager, Exchange, Group Policies, Lync, PowerShell, ShareFile, vCloud Director, Workspace Manager, .. and many others in the future. Oh, and once in a while I might post about IT related conferences, partnerships, service provider stuff and trainings.

It’s about time .. so let’s go!

Hmm .. “Another IT blog”, I hear you thinking. Yes indeed and this is the very first entry to get things started.

Looking at my working experience: a major multinational company in the transportation business, a smaller software development company for the banking sector and a managed IT services provider – always working in some way or another with Microsoft, Citrix & VMware technologies and good for over 10 years of experience – I believe we can get some great posts up here and good discussions going.

Knowing that IT is a very wide subject, I’m going to focus this blog on Server Based Computing. Do I care if it is based on physical or virtual servers, XenServer or ESX, VDI or TS, ..? No!

I will share my experience with you and hope to learn from peers about their experience in the field, share ideas, draw conclusions, .. We’ll see what the future brings.

Welcome everybody!

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